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Year 6 Autumn Blog 1

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In geography, we investigated how water shapes the land as it flows downhill by pouring water on a soil-covered slope.

In maths, we developed our understanding of co-ordinates in the first quadrant and all four quadrants on the playground on a gigantic grid that we drew.

We discovered what it was like to experience a ‘trial’ by doing an obstacle course blindfolded to help us to empathise with the main character from our text The Jaguar Trials by Ruth Eastham.

In D&T, we investigated how to strengthen and reinforce structures by creating and testing a range of beams to support bridges.

We developed our skills in hockey lessons with Mr Wotton. We focused on passing, ball control and working as a team.

In reading, we were practising showing our understanding of the text through intonation, tone and volume so our meaning is clear to the audience by using puppets to act an extract from The River Singers by Tom Moorhouse.

In science, we investigated water resistance and how the shape of an object affects it. We dropped different shapes into a cylinder of water and timed it.

At the Gordon Brown Centre, we carried out a river study, measuring the depth of the river to produce a river profile. We also tested the velocity of the river, investigated at the temperature in the flowing water and still water, and looked at different creatures that live in the river.