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Who's Who

Senior Staff  
Head of Federation Mrs S.Mathlin
Deputy Head of Federation Mrs E. Humphrey
S.E.N.Co Miss H. Walker
Assistant Head Teacher Mrs T. Robey
Early Years Team Leader  
Lower School Team Leader Mrs J. Bailey
Upper School Team Leader Miss L. Hoyle


Teaching Staff  
Early Years Teacher Mrs K. Branch/Mrs H Hunt
Early Years Teacher Mrs H. Biggs 
Year 1 Teacher Miss L. Jones
Year 2 Teacher Mrs. K. Graham
Year 2 Teacher Mr G. Vallence
Year 3 Teacher Mrs. G. Chessman / Miss V. Hordle
Year 3 Teacher Mrs R. Denning
Year 4 Teacher Mrs M. Titchener
Year 4 Teacher Mrs J. Bailey
Year 5 Teacher

Mrs K. Murphy

Year 5 Teacher Mr L. Johnston
Year 6 Teacher Mrs N. Smith
Year 6 Teacher Miss L. Hoyle


Parent Support Advisor Mrs C. Robertson


H.L.T.A. Mrs S. Clarkson
H.L.T.A. Miss M. Matson


Mrs T. Bailey Miss L. Barry
Mrs A. Bridle Mrs E. Couch
Mrs C. Cannings Mrs R. Deighton
Miss S. Donnelly Miss B. Edwards
Mrs S. Goodall Mrs J. Hessom
Miss N. Arnold Mrs V. Hurst
Mrs E. Jacobs Mrs L. Lee
Mrs E Liddle Mrs C. Marshall
Mrs S. Nelson-Williams Mrs A. Speller
Mrs T. Toms

Mrs L. Gallagher

Miss G. Hewitt Mrs E. Burgess


Business Manager Mrs H. Wood
Senior Administration Assistant  Mrs A. Jones
Senior Administration Assistant Mrs M. Solley-Andrews
Administration Assistant Mrs M. Wade



Lunchtime Supervisors  
Mrs E. Couch Miss B. Edwards
Mrs E. Burgess Miss N. Gare
Mrs M. Clint Mrs K. Woollhouse
Mrs S. Peters Mrs S. Robinson
Mrs C. Twitchen Miss G. Hewitt


Site Staff  
Site Manager Mr W. O’Dee
Groundsman Mr  J. Duncan

Ms F. Doyne

Mrs C. Oliver
Mrs T. Oliver

Mrs S. Page
Mrs K. Phillips


Head of Kitchen Mrs A. Pritchard
Catering  Assistant Mrs E. Devonish
Catering Assistant Miss N. Hailstone
Catering Assistant Mrs C. Willoughby